Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Are Just a Few Clicks Away

Set up a produce delivery service in Tyler, Dallas, TX and East Texas

Ever develop a craving for fresh fruit, only to find your refrigerator empty? You don't have to go to the store every other day to stay stocked up on your favorite snack. Space Green Fresh can deliver fruits and vegetables straight to your door.

We offer produce delivery services in Tyler, Dallas, TX and East Texas. You can choose a box of fruits or vegetables and get same-day or next-day delivery so you don't have to wait around for your food. With our convenient service, you can enjoy fruits and vegetables without ever having to leave your home.

Call our Dallas, Texas location at 346-335-4684 or our Tyler, Texas location at 903-253-7024 to find out more.

Get produce in a few simple steps

There's no point in ordering produce boxes online if the process is a bigger hassle than going to the store. That's why Space Green Fresh makes it as easy as possible to get the fruits and vegetables you want. Our process works in 3 quick steps:



We offer fruit boxes, vegetable boxes and mixed boxes to match your taste



Provide your address for same-day or next-day delivery



Pick up your box from your doorstep and sink your teeth into fresh produce

Check out our online store today to place your order.

Enjoy a variety of options

If you're a fruit or vegetable fanatic, you'll love the produce boxes from Space Green Fresh. Each of our boxes is carefully created from a variety of high-quality ingredients depending on availability. You'll receive several options per box so you can change up your routine.

Our produce is always sealed with premium packaging to ensure freshness. We'll make sure you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables when you want them. Schedule produce delivery services today.